Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Why are my teeth dark and discolored?

Teeth darken due to wear and staining of enamel. The color of your teeth comes from the shade of your enamel.  As your enamel wears away from abrasion (brushing) , erosion (acids like soda), and abfraction (grinding), your teeth discolor.  The food and drink that come in contact with your teeth cause different types of staining. Your natural tooth color is genetic but is also affected by diet and drugs when you were a child.

How do you whitening my teeth?

We use the tray system which we believe is the easiest and most predictable way to control your results.  We make thin, flexible mouth guards from impressions, then have you apply a small amount of whitening gel ( carbamide peroxide ) to your teeth.  The trays hold the gel against your teeth so it doesn’t wash away.

How long does it take?

You use it as much as you like for 20 to 30 minute intervals.  Usually, 3 to 4 times a day for several days your teeth will be much whiter.  Once you are happy with your shade, you do touch-ups once a week thereafter.

Is it safe?

Peroxide is good for your gums and will not hurt enamel.

Can you whiten my dental work?

Whitening gels only work on enamel.  Dental work that has porcelain can be whitened by covering it with Lumineers.

What about sensitive teeth?

Whitening teeth can make teeth sensitive.  That is why we like the tray system because you can control the application yourself.  Other systems that are done faster in a dental office are prone to make teeth sensitive.  Fluoride helps desensitize teeth.  If you already have sensitive teeth, we prescribe a neutralized, topical fluoride to use before you start the program.

How much does it cost?

$350 for upper and lower arches.  We run frequent specials and coupons for $80 (this is a great deal).  Look for them online!

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